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Key Highlights

  • With IObit Uninstaller, you can download it for free and quickly get rid of programs you don’t want on your Windows PC.
  • It’s really handy for deleting those unnecessary browser toolbars that slow down your system and mess with your privacy.
  • For the tough apps that just won’t leave through normal methods, the uninstall tool in IObit Uninstaller is strong enough to handle them.
  • By a few simple clicks, users can eliminate unwanted programs along with any folders, registries, or files left behind.
  • Besides cleaning up space on your PC by removing these undesirables.


IObit Uninstaller is a handy tool that makes it super easy to get rid of programs you don’t want anymore, along with Windows apps and things added to your browser that you never asked for. It’s all about making sure your computer has more free space and runs smoother by taking away everything left behind by software you no longer need.

One big plus of using IObit Uninstaller is how it deals with those annoying programs that just won’t go away when you try the usual way of removing them. These stubborn bits can really bog down your system since they hog storage and drag performance down. But, with a few clicks in IObit Uninstaller, these problems are gone along with any files tied to them.

On top of cleaning out unwanted software, IObit Uninstaller steps up your web surfing game too. It finds and removes nasty add-ons or plug-ins from browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Internet Explorer which might be tracking what you do online or slowing things down. Thanks to its updated database, spotting these bad guys on popular browsers becomes even easier.

With features focused on keeping software healthy managing installations better than before,and safely getting rid of files permanently,Iobit uninstaller offers an all-in-one package for maintaining a tidy,clean running PC.


To wrap things up, IObit Uninstaller 13 is your go-to for getting rid of programs from your PC in a clean and efficient way. With cool upgrades like better tracking of installations and getting all bundled software out easily, it makes sure you have a hassle-free time using it. Over time, IObit Uninstaller has really stepped up its game to help you remove those pesky stubborn programs without much fuss. Whether you’re sticking with the no-cost version or thinking about going Pro, this software is designed to be easy on the eyes and flexible enough to fit what you need. It’s all about making your PC run smoother and sorting out any common problems by keeping your program list neat and tidy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Overview of IObit Uninstaller 13

IObit Uninstaller 13, the newest release from IObit, makes removing unwanted applications a breeze and helps clean up your Windows PC. Known for their top-notch advanced systemcare solutions, IObit ensures that this version can tackle even the most stubborn programs that won’t go away with standard uninstallation methods.

By using its powerful uninstall tool, it digs deep to find every bit of leftover data – be it folders, registries or files related to the removed application. This means you’re left with a cleaner system without any remnants of those unneeded apps.

On top of cleaning out unwanted applications, IObit Uninstaller 13 uses its advanced systemcare technology to boost your PC’s performance. It spots and gets rid of those pesky apps causing your computer to slow down or show errors. Removing these not only frees up essential resources but also enhances both speed and stability on your Windows PC.

The Evolution of IObit Uninstaller

Over time, IObit Uninstaller has grown to be a top-notch tool for getting rid of unwanted programs on Windows PCs. It’s been updated many times to meet users’ needs better.

With the roll-out of advanced systemcare pro, IObit Uninstaller now brings even more to the table like managing software health. This lets you handle all your software permissions and clean out any remaining bits or harmful plugins that might slow down your computer.

On top of this, one key improvement in IObit Uninstaller is its knack for clearing out junk files. These unnecessary files pile up and hog space that could be used for something else. By sweeping these away, IObit Uninstaller boosts your PC’s speed and makes room for stuff you really need.

In essence, as it has evolved, IObi

Key Features and Enhancements in Version 13

  • With IObit Uninstaller 13, you get a really strong tool that can kick out those tough-to-remove programs along with all their files, folders, and registries.
  • By getting rid of programs you don’t need anymore, it helps clear up lots of space on your hard drive. This means there’s more room for the stuff that matters to you.
  • It also makes surfing the web smoother by removing those annoying browser toolbars and plug-ins. This not only speeds things up but also keeps your browsing safe.
  • Using some pretty smart scanning tech, IObit Uninstaller 13 finds and gets rid of unwanted programs that might be hiding or are just plain hard to get rid of.
  • They’ve made the user interface better too. Now it’s easier to use and understand which makes getting things done a breeze.

Detailed Feature Analysis

IObit Uninstaller is a handy tool that helps you get rid of programs you don’t want anymore, especially those stubborn ones that won’t go away the usual way. This comes in really handy for folks who have free versions of software on their computers.

With IObit Uninstaller, managing your software permissions becomes a breeze. It also tackles any remaining files or nasty plugins messing with your computer’s speed. By doing this, it keeps your system running smoothly and clean.

Navigating through IObit Uninstaller is pretty straightforward thanks to its user-friendly design. Everything you need to remove unwanted programs and boost your PC’s performance is right at your fingertips, making it super easy for anyone to use.

Streamlined Installation Monitoring

IObit Uninstaller makes it easy to watch over what happens when you install new software. With its installation monitoring, you can see every change made on your computer during the setup of a program. This is great for spotting any extra stuff like unwanted applications or files that might sneak in.

When setting up a new program, IObit Uninstaller does a thorough check. It looks into all the files and registry entries that are being added or changed. After this powerful scan, it shows you everything that’s been done in an easy-to-understand report. You get to look through this and remove anything you didn’t actually want.

With this feature from IObit Uninstaller, nothing gets past you when installing software on your Windows PC. It stops unwanted applications or malware from getting onto your system without permission by giving users full control over their PC installations—making sure only what they approve gets installed for a safer experience.

Comprehensive Bundleware Removal

IObit Uninstaller is great for getting rid of unwanted extra stuff that gets installed when you’re just trying to add a program you actually want. Sometimes, these extras sneak in without asking first.

With IObit Uninstaller on your side, spotting and saying goodbye to this bundleware is a breeze. It checks your system, finds any of these uninvited guests, and lets you kick them out with just one click. This way, your computer stays tidy and runs smoother.

On top of all that, IObit Uninstaller comes as a free tool which helps keep track of everything you’ve got installed so if there’s anything else you don’t need anymore; removing it is easy peasy. For anyone looking to declutter their PC and make sure only the good stuff stays, this software is pretty handy.

Comparing Free vs Pro Versions

When it comes to IObit Uninstaller, there are both free and pro versions available. While the free version offers many useful features, the pro version provides additional benefits and enhanced functionality.

Here’s a comparison between the free and pro versions of IObit Uninstaller:


Free Version

Pro Version

Uninstall unwanted




Remove stubborn




Remove unwanted



browser toolbars

Freeware versions




Software health




File shredding



Enhanced scanning




Customer support


Priority support


The pro version of IObit Uninstaller offers additional features like software health management, file shredding, enhanced scanning technology, and priority customer support. These features make the pro version a more comprehensive and powerful tool for uninstalling unwanted programs and optimizing the performance of your PC.

Features Exclusive to the Pro Version

The pro version of IObit Uninstaller steps up its game by offering some cool extra features that make it even better. Here’s what you get:

  1. With the software updater, your apps stay fresh because it finds old ones and updates them with a single click. This way, you’re always using the latest versions which keep your PC safe from any security risks.
  2. For dealing with nasty programs, there’s advanced scanning to spot and kick out malicious software from your computer. It’s like having a guard keeping all the bad stuff away so your PC stays clean and secure.

3: Managing browser extensions gets easier too; this feature spots those you don’t need or want anymore – including the harmful ones – and removes them for you. Your browsing gets safer and smoother without unwanted add-ons cluttering things up.

By moving to the pro version of IObit Uninstaller, users gain access to these special tools that help maintain a more protected and efficient PC.

Is Upgrading to Pro Worth It?

Deciding if you should get the pro version of IObit Uninstaller really comes down to what you need and like. The pro version has some extra stuff that can make the software work better and do more for you.

For those who want their computer watched over all the time, or need help getting rid of malware and keeping their programs up-to-date, going pro might be a good idea. It adds another level of safety and helps your PC run smoother.

On top of this, with the pro version, you get priority when it comes to customer support. This means any problems or questions you have will be sorted out quickly. For people who think they’ll need a lot of help or just want peace of mind knowing someone is there to assist them, this could be pretty important.

But then again, if all you’re looking for is a simple way to remove unwanted programs from your computer without needing all those advanced features – things like taking off browser toolbars or dealing with stubborn programs that don’t wanna leave – sticking with the free version might just do the trick. It’s still quite effective at cleaning up iobit uninstaller-related messes on your PC without costing anything.

User Interface and Experience

IObit Uninstaller makes getting rid of unwanted programs on your Windows PC a breeze with its easy-to-use setup. The layout is neat and straightforward, helping you find your way around the tool without any hassle.

When it comes to removing software, IObit Uninstaller does it quickly and thoroughly. With just a couple of clicks, you can pick out the apps you no longer need and wipe them off your computer. After everything’s done, the program tells you exactly what was removed so there are no surprises or leftover bits hanging around.

Thanks to its simplicity and effectiveness in clearing away unnecessary software, IObit Uninstaller is great for anyone looking to tidy up their PC – whether you’re new at this or have been doing it for years.

Navigating the New UI: What’s Changed

The latest look of IObit Uninstaller is all about being fresh and easy to get around. With this new design, folks can find their way through the app without a hitch. It’s made with users in mind, aiming for a smooth ride from start to finish.

With the updated uninstall tool, getting rid of programs you don’t want anymore becomes a breeze. This feature lets you pick out those pesky unwanted programs and wipes them off your computer along with every file they brought along. On top of that, there’s a spot where you can check out how your installed software is doing health-wise right at your fingertips.

All in all, IObit Uninstaller’s new face lifts up the whole experience for its users by making things simpler and more straight-to-the-point. It makes sure managing apps on your Windows PC feels like less of a chore so that keeping it running smoothly isn’t just possible but also easy.

Customizing Your Experience for Efficiency

With IObit Uninstaller, you can make the software work just right for you. By tweaking its settings and options, it’s easy to adjust the program so it fits exactly what you need.

For starters, when getting rid of programs you don’t want anymore, there’s a cool feature that lets you remove several at once. This is called batch uninstallation. It saves loads of time because instead of picking them off one by one, they all go away together. Plus, there’s an option to change how the software looks for these unwanted applications during scans so that only certain types get flagged for removal.

On top of this, linking IObit Uninstaller with another tool like Advanced SystemCare really takes things up a notch. By combining forces with other software tools from their lineup or even different ones entirely – think about adding in some system cleaning and making your computer run smoother as part of the deal – users end up with a well-rounded toolkit aimed at keeping their Windows PC in tip-top shape.

So basically by personalizing how IObit Uninstaller works for them; folks can speed up clearing out unneeded stuff on their PCs while also ensuring everything runs smoothly and stays clean.

Performance and Efficiency

IObit Uninstaller is really good at making your computer run faster and more efficiently. By getting rid of programs and files you don’t need, it helps free up a lot of space on your hard drive. This means your computer doesn’t have to work as hard.

With its powerful scan feature, IObit Uninstaller makes sure that when you remove a program, everything related to it goes away too. No leftovers or unused files remain. This keeps your PC running well without any problems that can happen if things aren’t fully removed.

On top of all this, IObit Uninstaller can find and get rid of stubborn programs that just won’t go away the normal way. It saves you from wasting time trying to figure out how to delete them yourself. With this tool, managing what’s installed on your PC becomes much easier, helping it stay in tip-top shape.

Speed and Resource Usage

IObit Uninstaller is made to make your PC run faster and use its resources better. By getting rid of programs you don’t need, it frees up important stuff like RAM and makes your computer work less hard. This means it starts up quicker and runs smoother.

With IObit Uninstaller, when you get rid of a program, it really digs deep into your system to remove every related file and folder. That way, no leftover files clog up your PC’s speed.

On top of that, IObit Uninstaller also boosts how well your SSD works by clearing out all the junk files and software you don’t need anymore. This helps in speeding up how quickly data gets read from and written to the SSD which makes everything feel snappier.

In short, using IObit Uninstaller keeps your PC tidy by removing unwanted programs while making sure everything else runs more efficiently.

Effectiveness in Uninstalling Stubborn Programs

IObit Uninstaller is really good at getting rid of programs that just won’t go away with other ways of trying to remove them. When you use its strong scanning ability, it finds and gets rid of every bit of these tough-to-remove programs, making sure they’re completely gone.

With IObit Uninstaller, all you have to do is right-click the program that’s causing trouble and choose “Powerful Uninstall.” This starts a detailed process that takes out all related files, folders, and things in the registry so there’s nothing left over.

The tool from IObit Uninstaller was made with hard-to-remove software in mind. It uses smart methods to find and delete even those programs that stick around no matter what you try. This saves both your time and keeps you from getting annoyed.

So if there’s a program on your PC acting up by not going away or refusing to uninstall properly, turning to IObit Uninstaller can help get rid of those stubborn programs for good.

How to Guides

To get IObit Uninstaller on your computer, start by finding the good website. From there, pick the version that fits your system. Next up, begin downloading it. As you go along, you’ll see some steps pop up for installing – just follow those. And before you know it, your computer will be free from all that unnecessary clutter! It’s really easy to become a pro at using IObit Uninstaller once you’ve got these basics down.

Step-by-Step Guide to Your First Uninstallation

If you’re just getting started with IObit Uninstaller and need to get rid of a program, here’s how to do it step by step:

  1. Open up IObit Uninstaller.
  2. A list of all the programs installed on your PC will pop up.
  3. Pick the one you wish to remove.
  4. Hit the “Uninstall” button next to your chosen program.
  5. Just follow what comes up on screen until everything is done.

While removing a program, IObit Uninstaller makes sure every part related to that software is gone for good, including files and folders tied to it. On top of that, if there are any browser toolbars or software permissions hanging around that you don’t need anymore, it’ll help take those out too.

So by sticking with these instructions, kicking unwanted programs off your computer becomes straightforward and helps keep things running smoothly thanks in part due iobit uninstaller’s thorough cleanup process which includes dealing with unnecessary browser extensions as well as ensuring no leftover permissions bog down your system performance

Advanced Features: How and When to Use Them

IObit Uninstaller is packed with cool features that make it even better. For starters, it works together with Advanced SystemCare, which is a tool designed to help your PC run smoother.

When you use IObit Uninstaller along with Advanced SystemCare, your computer gets an extra boost. With the help of Advanced SystemCare, your system’s settings get fine-tuned, unnecessary files are cleaned out, and security gets a bump up. All this adds to what IObit Uninstaller already does in getting rid of programs you no longer need.

Another neat thing about IObit Uninstaller is how easy it makes removing unwanted software and all their leftovers at once. If there are several apps you’re looking to uninstall at the same time, just pick them out and let IObit do its thing.

In short, thanks to these advanced options within iobit uninstaller , managing and improving how well your pc runs becomes much simpler.

Tips and Tricks

To make your PC run better, here’s what you can do with IObit Uninstaller:

  • Start by scanning your computer often to find programs you don’t need and get rid of them with IObit Uninstaller. This step helps clear up a lot of space and makes your PC work faster.
  • With the powerful scan feature from IObit Uninstaller, make sure every bit of those removed programs is gone for good, including all files and folders they left behind.
  • When dealing with lots of unnecessary software, use the batch uninstallation option. It lets you remove several at once which saves both time and effort.
  • Keep everything on your computer up-to-date using another tool called IObit Software Updater. Staying current means better security because you’ll have the newest fixes for any problems that could slow down or harm your PC.
  • Don’t forget to regularly clean out junk files and tune-up your system using both IObit Uninstaller’s optimization tools as well as Advanced SystemCare.

Stick to these steps if keeping your PC in top shape is what you’re after!

Optimizing Your PC with IObit Uninstaller

IObit Uninstaller is a great tool for making your PC work better. By getting rid of programs you don’t need and cleaning out their leftover files and folders, it helps make more room on your hard disk. This makes your computer run smoother and boosts its performance.

On top of removing unwanted software, IObit Uninstaller also gets rid of junk files that just sit there taking up space and slowing down your Windows PC. With this tool, clearing out those unnecessary files becomes easy, giving you even more free space to help keep your PC in tip-top shape.

By regularly using IObit Uninstaller to delete those unneeded programs and tidy up junk files, you’re helping ensure that your PC stays efficient and runs at peak performance.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

When you run into some usual problems with IObit Uninstaller, here’s what you can do:

  • If the uninstalling seems to freeze or is taking too long, a quick fix could be to restart your PC and give it another go.
  • For those times when a program just won’t budge, checking if you’ve got the right permissions to remove it might help. IObit Uninstaller is pretty handy in managing these software permissions for you.
  • With pesky browser toolbars that refuse to leave, having the newest version of IObit Uninstaller could make all the difference. The latest updates usually get better at spotting and getting rid of them.

Should these steps not cut it, reaching out through the IObit support center or their forum might offer more help.


Can this tool take off browser extensions? Absolutely! Whether you’re using Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Internet Explorer – IObit Uninstaller 13 gets rid of unwanted browser extensions which helps keep your online journey safe and smooth.

What about keeping my apps up-to-date? That’s where its Software Updater feature shines. It checks your system for old versions and lets you download fresh ones easily. This means better security thanks to new patches and fixes which boosts both performance and safety on your PC.

And if removing a program becomes impossible? No worries there either; even stubborn programs that don’t want to leave are no match for IObit‘s powerful removal tools. Plus,it makes sure any related files aren’t left behind cluttering up space.And remember,to double-check whether permission issues are stopping an uninstallation from happening.

Can IObit Uninstaller 13 remove browser extensions?

Indeed, IObit Uninstaller 13 has the capability to get rid of browser extensions. These are tiny programs that add more features to your web browser. But sometimes, these extensions might not be what you want or could even harm your computer. With IObit Uninstaller 13 on your side, spotting and removing those unwanted or harmful extensions becomes a breeze, making sure you have a better time surfing the internet. No matter if you’re using Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Internet Explorer as your browser of choice; this tool can assist in cleaning out any unnecessary browser extensions.

How does the Software Updater feature work?

With the Software Updater in IObit Uninstaller, you can easily make sure all your programs are up to date. It looks through your computer for any software that’s old and lets you download the newest versions. This way, you’re safe from security risks and always have the latest and best version of the apps you love using. Adding this feature to IObit Uninstaller is really handy because it means you don’t have to spend time searching for updates yourself.

What to do if a program can’t be uninstalled?

When you run into a program that just won’t go away with IObit Uninstaller, there are some steps you can take to fix the problem. First off, make sure to use IObit Uninstaller as an admin. This gives it the power it needs to get rid of those stubborn programs. If that doesn’t do the trick, give the “Forced Uninstall” option a shot. With this choice, you’ll have to point out where the program lives on your computer and pick out its files yourself for removal. And if none of these solutions work out, don’t worry! The support team at IObit is always there to help with more ideas on what you can try next.

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